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tv   CBS Evening News With Russ Mitchell  CBS  July 31, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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jim: back in west virginia, the greenbrier classic. all three playoff participants are on the green here at 18. 29-year-old bill haas is away. 26-year-old rookie, scott stallings, 6'9" away. in between that you have bob estes at 45, who is ranked 479th in the world. came into the week without a fedex cup point on the season. he had made only one cut, that was the texas open.
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finished 73rd. he had a wrist injury that sidelined him for quite a while. he was not even able to attend the qualifying school. needed to go back through it because of the injury in order to retain his playing card status. finished 128th on the money list last year, so he was just outside of the exemption. here comes haas. >> he knows the read. >> yes he did. he just overread it last time. jim: straightened it out this time. no. nick: did the same thing again. jim: a three. will that be good enough for extended play?
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next it will be estes. this is the shot by stallings in regulation. >> again, a very similar putt to the one we have to have. >> i guess we can overread this one to the right. he pushed it. now stallings can win it. young man, 26, lives down in tennessee. he turned pro in 2009. here is the shot that got him to this point. turned pro two years ago and he actually made the trip to augusta to watch the masters for one day back in 2009.
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walked away saying he is inspired. estes will finish out here. and he matches haas with a three. stallings turns pro a couple of years ago, watches one day of the 2009 masters and then makes this decision that i am never going back expect under one condition, i am going there to play. not to be a spectator. if he makes this putt, he will be going there to play. >> i can tell you he was chomping at the bit to get there for this putt. he walked in there before bob estes even marked his ball and backed out. jim: oh, my goodness.
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storybook. stallings, the winner at the greenbrier classic. after that tee shot at the 71st, who would imagine that he would come back to make two, go to the playoff to make two and he would be the winner. josh graham, his caddie. peter kostis, what a comeback. >> an unbelievable comeback. i am down here with the newest winner on the pga tour, scott stallings. how does that sound to you? >> i don't really know. >> you lost it in the beginning, fought back and hit the bad tee shot.
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the emotional roller coaster had to be unbelievable. >> i felt really good going into 17. i made a good birdie. we had to wait about 30 minutes. i hit a bad shot and got a bad break. we stayed with it and tried to make a par to. birdie 18 was incredible. i stayed in it all day. pressing on towards the goal. i just told myself that the whole day. even when i hit it in the water i told myself that. to come out a champion on the pga tour as a rookie is a dream come true. >> you earned your way back to augusta by the way. jim: i think he is ready to go. i think he has his yardage book for that. kenny perry has been a real mentor to him. he is a champions player now. he finished 39th. what was that scott stallings was doing?
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he marks in his yardage book with an augusta national pencil. we told you he went there as a spectator and brought back a souvenir. now he has a ticket to the masters. this got him into the playoff. and a victory. right here. nick: he knows how to use the power of visualization. i love that. it is something different about this kid. jim: anyone who would appreciate it, that would be something out of your playbook, nick. nick: exactly. jim: tonight, big brother, same name, "csi: miami." scott stallings, got to dream big, nick. nick: you have to see your dreams and go for your dreams. jim: this kid had six birdies on the second nine and birdies on the second nine and birdies the playoff hole.
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this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. captioning sponsored by cbs >> mitchell: and good evening with. just two days to go now before that august 2nd deadline signs are mounting tonight that the long and bitter debt ceiling debate may finally be over. congressional leaders said compromise package is taking shape and could be put to a vote before the markets open for the week. congressional correspondent nancy cordes is on capitol hill with the latest. good evening. >> good evening to you. i short time ago harry reid announced he had signed off on this deal and told other members to stay close for a possible vote tonight. republican-- republicans, however, say they have one major issue outstanding.
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>> after months of negotiations and stalemates and accusations, both sides say they have crafted a compromise to raise the debt ceiling. >> we're hopeful and confident it can be done. >> reporter: as the president and democrats wanted, the plan would raise the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion, enough to get the government through the end of 2012. as republicans wanted, deficit cuts would exceed that amount, up to $3 trillion worth. a trillion now and the rest to be determined by a new bipartisan committee of 12 lawmakers. six republicans, six democrats. that committee would have until this thanksgiving to present congress with a package of cuts for an up or down vote. a no vote would trigger serious consequences like harsh across-the-board cuts. ceiling down that trigger was the sticking point for negotiators all day long, throwing the senate into a state of uncertainty. >> may be many member was
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probably like to leave the capitol if we're not going to be voting. >> i would say to my friend that's an appropriate thing to do. i would not suggest a ball game though. maybe closer than that. >> reporter: but reaching a deal is only half the battle. leaders still have to sell it to members. already the leader of a large coalition of house liberals says he will vote against it. this deal trades people's livelihoods for the votes of a few unappeaseable right wing radical rights arizona congressman raul grijalva, i will not support it several tea party republicans like congressman joe walsh of illinois aren't satisfied either. >> we can do better and we have to do better. what they will cobble together is not going to change the disastrous fiscal trajectory we're on. >> reporter: democratic and republican leaders are scheduling conference calls with their members to outline the terms of the deal for them. we're told that the one thing that is upsetting republicans right now is
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this trigger and the possibility that if that committee of bipartisan lawmakers can't reach an agreement on cuts, that the across-the-board spending cuts that would be imposed would involve 3% cuts to the department of defence. and republicans feel that that is just too tough, russ. >> mitchell: dow get the impression there are a significant number of folks on both sides who are going to have to borrow a phrase, hold their nose to go along with this? >> absolutely. and the tough job for leaders right now is letting members know how many they need on either side to vote yes to get them over the threshold that won't be very difficult in the senate. we're hearing a lot of senators tonight say they're pretty happy with this deal. they think it's the best they can get. but over in the house of representatives people are much more dug in on both sides and the leaders there are going to have a much tougher job on their hands. >> mitchell: thank you very much. on capitol hill now to pennsylvania avenue to the white house to get the latest from there. bill plante is standing by, good evening. >> good evening, to you, russ. the president was back in
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the middle of negotiations today. here at the white house working and in touch with leaders on capitol hill. last week mr. obama stepped back as congressional leaders tried to find a way out. but yesterday he began talking. the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell, majority leader harry reid and house minority leader nancy pelosi. vice president biden, the white house pointman in the attempt to broker a deal has been here and on the phone since 9:00 this morning conducting a continuous rolling negotiation. the president has insisted repeatedly that there be only one vote to extend the debt ceiling through 2012 and if the current outline of a deal holds it appears will get his wish. spending will be cut but what the president may not get under the terms now being discussed is the balanced approach he has called for. one which includes some kind of new revenue. but not now with the first debt ceiling increase. a congressional commission will be tasked with finding an additional $2 trillion in savings by the end of the
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year. >> members will take their seats. >> reporter: members of congress say everything will be on the table, including cuts to entitlement programs like medicare, medicaid and social security. something liberal democrats vehemently oppose. white house officials are very aware that this fight over spending priorities and social issues will be a defining issue in the campaign next year, russ. >> mitchell: bill, any idea how the white house plans to get those folks who don't like what he did this time to vote for him next year? >> well, look, they know the liberal thing as the democratic party is very up set but they also feel those people will come around when they see who the republican candidate for president is. and here's the other little secret, they're really targeting the people in the middle, the independents who voted for barack obama in 2008. those are the votes they desperately have to have if he's to win again. bill plante at the white house, thank you very much. >> and the "cbs evening
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>> mitchell: here is what else is happening, president obama says he is appalled by a deadly attack by the syrian government today on protestors. the worst in hamas. syria's fourth largest city. the violence comes one day before the beginning of the muslim holly month of ramadan. whit johnson has more on the attack and what washington plans to do about it. >> reporter: the echoing crackle of gunfire sparked panic and horror in the streets of hama. human-rights groups estimate the syrian government's latest offensive killed at least 80 people today alone in raids across the country bringing the total death toll to an estimated 1600 since the uprising began four months ago. lately hama has evolved into the new epicentre of opposition to president bashar al-assad. weekly protests have drawn crowds into the hundreds of thousands but today were no match for syrian tanks. in what appeared to be a
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preemptive strike ahead of the islamic holy month of ramadan. >> this was either an attempt by the regime of bashar al-assad to out and out crush this movement or a-- an attempt to intimidate. >> reporter: borzout daragahi reports from leb done do -- lebanon because foreign journalists are forbidden. >> this the city in 1982 that was struck hard by bashar assad's fair who was attempting to crush what he described back them was an islamic uprising against him. >> reporter: today in a statement president obama vowed to increase pressure on the syrian regime and stand with the syrian people. people who even as night fell on the beseiged city continued to protest in silence. after a day of violence, and bloodshed. whit johnson, cbs news, washington. >> mitchell: in afghanistan a suicide bombary tacked a
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>> mitchell: those two american hikers who were still jailed in a ran made their final court appearance today. their lawyers said he hopes they will be freed when the verdict is announced this week. shane bower and josh were arrested on iran's board we are iraq two years ago today. on the weather front another tropical storm formed today. eugene is off mexico's pacific coast about 410 miles south of the resort of acapulco. it forecast to reach hurricane strength this week but is not expected to threaten land. a weather rarity in russia today, a tornado. the powerful twister ripped through a city in the country's far east. 5,000 miles from moscow -- moscow. officials say one person was killed, cars were overturned and roofs were torn off buildings. one of the world's most es dabbles dabbles dabble dabbled disable disable disables
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>> mitchell: finally this evening many beach gers this summer weekend are doing more than just braifing the oceans waves. they're also braving the mounds of trash that other beach-goers have left behind. bill whitaker has the story of one determined woman for whom a day at the beach is more than just a day at the beach. >> reporter: the beauty of santa monica beach attracts more than 6 million visitors a year who leave behind -- >> a ton of stuff. >> reporter: millions of pieces of ugly trash. >> fast food wrappers, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, old, used plastic water bottles, single use plastic bags. >> reporter: writer sara. >> ive's always loved the social was so disgusted by all the litter she literally was compelled to take action. >> i talked to my husband about some ideas of what i could do. and came up with the idea to do the blog the daily ocean. >> reporter: her on-line chronicle of her quest to clean this small stretch of santa monica beach between two lifeguard stands, 20
6:27 pm
minutes a day, over 3635 days, photographing and weighing cast away debris and waste washed from storm drains miles away. >> two-thirds of the way toward her goal and sarah already has collected 8900 pounds of garbage just in this 200 yard stretch of beach here in santa monica. hundreds of powd-- pounds of butts and bits of rubbish. >> a lot of trash for 20 minutes at a time. >> reporter: she soon learned she wasn't just collecting trash, she was collecting followers. some of the 2 100 people following her blog and tweets started to show up to clean up. >> while you're amongst see gulls and kids playing, that is when it hits you that it's definitely a lot bigger problem. >> she's raise add wareness to the point where people all over the country are now doing similar things where they are going out for 20 minutes and cleaning up their neighborhoods or beaches. >> ive's gotten contacts from germany, you know, people who have gone out and done daily ocean cleanups from florida when they are
6:28 pm
on vacation. >> alexis henry with the surfrider foundation dedicated to saving the ocean says a sea change starts small. >> sarah getting out there every day for 20 minutes shows it's a real easy thing to do. if you care for the beaches, you can do something. >> something big. at the end of the year sarah and her cleanup crew will have removed more than a ton of trash from santa monica beach. bill whitaker, cbs news, santa monica. >> and that is the "cbs evening news." later on cbs, "60 minutes." thanks for joining us this sunday evening. stay with cbs news and cbs news.kohl for the latest on the debt ceiling debate. i'm rush mitchell, cbs news in new york. scott pelley is here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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